I paid, why does the unpaid invoice appear?

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The status of the proforma invoice depends on several factors.
by Mihai BobriucViews 409Updated now 3 monthsPublished 17/07/2018

Payments are processed manually by the commercial department in the order they are received. If the flow of payments is high or complications have arisen regarding the payment in question, there may be delays between the payment by the customer and the issuance of the tax invoice, respectively the activation/renewal of the services.

In most cases, the fiscal invoice is issued within a few minutes of receiving the payment.

On the last day(s) of the month, invoices for payments made by Card will only be issued on the first working day of the following month. However, ordered/renewed services will be processed. This delay is based on accounting reasons. During this time the invoice will appear UNPAID, but later the tax invoice will be issued for the amount received.
When paying by bank transfer, it is advisable to send the proof of payment to comercial@hostico.ro if you want to activate/extend the services in advance.
The tax invoice in this case will be issued only when the amount has been received in the bank account. Processing bank transactions can take between 2 - 24 hours (up to 48-72 for foreign bank transactions) depending on the issuing bank.

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