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Table of Contents

I. General
II. Contracting
III. Aplicability
IV. Financial
V. Domains
VI. Liability
VII. Data integrity
VIII. Support
IX. Rules for resellers / VPS owners
X. Content Policy
XI. Usage Policy
XII. Resources
XIII. Validity

I. General

Throughout the present terms and conditions the use of the word "Hostico" will name the company S.C. Awesome Projects S.R.L. located in Maramureș, Sighetu Marmației, Str. Mihai Viteazu nr. 8 as a service provider. The services provided by Hostico are aimed to individual persons, firms, legal entities etc. which have the legal capacity to be part of a contractual relationship. Terms, conditions and descriptions of the functioning of the provided services mentioned in this document, under the state of external links create an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. Additional terms and conditions, even if known, are not part of this document unless they are expressly and mutually recognized.

Hostico is the only owner of all materials and informations available on the Website. The clients or visitors of the Website will not be able to copy, reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, retrieve any such material or parts of it in any form or by any means.

Hostico reserves the right to suspend the offered services in case of violation of the provisions below or in the absence of a reasonable response in time, on these breaches. Hostico also reserves the right to show customer information by the Privacy Policy to meet any legal requirements. In the case that this disclosure does not have to remain confidential, the customer will be notified in this respect.

Hostico reserves the right to delete any account within a 15 days notice.
Any term not disclosed in this document is open to interpretation and change by Hostico without prior notice.

II. Contracting

The earlier acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is necessary for any request for the purchase of the services offered by Hostico. When making an order, the client assumes the start of a contractual collaboration with Hostico. We will confirm this initiation immediately but this confirmation is not an obligation for the customer or Hostico to continue with the activation of the order. We reserve the right to accept or refuse a client's order after examining the authenticity and trustworthiness of the client and the order.

By placing an order, the client declares and warrants on their own responsibility that they have the legal capacity to purchase the services offered by Hostico for themselves or for the company they represent.
They undertake to complete with correct and valid data all fields related to their identification, data necessary for the collaboration with Hostico. The client is aware that providing incorrect or incomplete information may affect Hostico's ability to provide the contracted services and, in certain situations, may lead to the refusal of activation of these services by Hostico. The data entered by the client is processed and managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy as well as the Data Processing Agreement.

III. Aplicability

These provisions apply to all Hostico customers, owners of any of the packages or services offered on the website, the use of the provided services takes place only under the accordance of these Terms and Conditions, and applies to all contractual relationships between the customer and Hostico. The law under which these terms and conditions function is valid in the moment of initiation of the collaboration. The services provided by Hostico under the contract are available on the Hostico website.

It is almost impossible to identify all possible interpretations of these Terms and Conditions and to cover all possible situations that may arise, therefore any situation or term that is not exposed or treated directly or indirectly in this document is under Hostico's interpretation.

IV. Financial


The current prices are those displayed on the Hostico website.
Depending on the chosen service, the billing period may differ. All payments will be made on the basis of the pro forma invoice issued by Hostico. The customer agrees to pay the services in advance of the time they are provided.
Regardless of the currency used to display the prices, invoices and payments will be processed in RON (Romanian currency) at the BNR (Romanian National Bank) exchange rate at the time of invoice issue date according to the romanian legislation.


Invoices are sent in electronic format via e-mail as attachments and can be downloaded at any time from the client account. Upon request, they may also be sent with the signature of the authorized personnel. If the customer requests the physical copy of the invoice, the cost of the shipment will be borne by the customer.

Postponing / Suspension / Reactivation

The hosting services provided by Hostico are implicitly active 7 days after the due date on the pro forma invoice.
The services that Hostico purchases from other suppliers (e.g., domains, licenses, SSL certificates) may only be renewed when they are paid with an expiration period equal to the due date on the proforma invoice.
Clients may request at any time a payment postponing in regards to the services hosted by Hostico.

Clients accounts that have not paid their service charges at the latest 7 days after the due date on the pro forma invoice will automatically be suspended in the absence of a proof of payment or a request for a postponing.
The proof of payment will only result in the activation / reactivation of the ordered / detained services, but the fiscal bill will be issued only when the amount paid is visible in one of the Hostico bank accounts.
Hostico reserves the right to reopen / reactivate the accounts only after full payment of all amounts owed by the customer.


Hostico reserves the right to reduce the validity period of prepaid services to compensate for amounts owed by the client for services rendered but not paid for.
Compensation through this method will be based on proforma invoices issued.
Hostico reserves the right to suspend the customer account if the invoice is not paid by the due date indicated on the issued invoice.
If the 30 days of non-payment are exceeded, the account together with all existing data on this will be automatically deleted from the server.
Any subsequent request for obtaining or restoring the data present on the account at the time of deletion, if a backup copy still exists, will be handled within a minimum of 2 hours of support for shared packages without Reseller rights, and 4 hours of support for packages with Reseller rights or VPS.
Additional support hours will depend on the type of hosting package and the amount of data involved
The amount of support hours needed for restoration will be determined and communicated to the client after an analysis conducted by Hostico's technical operators.

Upgrade / Downgrade

The client has anytime the possibility to upgrade/downgrade the purchased services. For upgrade the payment is made only for the difference between the actual package and the one that will be upgraded to, for the remaining period paid in advance for the actual package. For the downgrade, the remaining credit may be used to extend the service but we recommend to consult the Hostico team prior to these operations in relation to your needs.
The downgrade credit is calculated only for full months paid in advance, in relation to the request dates of the respective operations and the next due date.
Upgrade / downgrade operations or switching to a new offer are done free of charge only once every 30 days.
In the case of a new request of this type during that period, Hostico reserves the right to charge the procedure within the support hours.
Upgrade/downgrade operations involving account merges regardless of the time frame in which they are performed will be charged within the purchased support hours.
Upgrade/downgrade operations involving the action of modifying the control panel, carried out at the request of the customer, will be charged within the purchased support hours.

The services for which values between a minimum and a maximum are used ("from" - "to") have the displayed rate for the minimum values. Values available up to the maximum shown can be selected for a fee both during the ordering process and afterwards.

Return policy

The Customer has the right at any time to request the refund of the money for the services paid to Hostico, but their return will be subject to the following conditions:

  • If the request is made within 30 calendar days from the activation of the order, the entire amount will be refunded to the client except in cases that involved data migration from an external provider, in which case the amount equivalent to the hours of assistance required for the transfer will be retained.
  • if the request is made more than 30 calendar days after the client order has been activated, it will be refunded only the amount for the remaining months paid (in relation to the date of the operation request, respectively the next due date).
  • if the request has already been made for the domain in question, the customer will be refunded only the amount for the remaining months paid (in relation to the date of the operation request, respectively the next due date).
  • if the request was made by the client in question, he will be refunded only the amount for the remaining months paid (in relation to the date of the operation request, respectively the next due date).
  • If the customer benefits from an offer that includes free services (e.g., domains, licenses, SSL certificates), their counter value will be deducted from the total amount to be returned.

We will not refund the services for the following cases:

  • services for which the purchase was mediated by Hostico in the event of the provision or reservation of such services by Hostico. Services that fall into this category include but are not limited to: domain registration or renewal, software licenses, ssl certificates, etc.
  • recovery of backup accounts for hosting accounts, after deleting them, regardless of the reason for deleting them
  • services suspended or terminated as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions whether or not they are detected directly by Hostico team members or notified by a third party

The return of the requested amount will be processed by Hostico within a maximum of 15 working days to the account from which it was paid or to another account indicated by the customer.
The return will be confirmed at the time of the return by issuing a fiscal invoice for the amount to be returned.
The period between the reversal and the actual entry of the respective amount in the account of the client is not under the control of Hostico, this being determined by the procedures and transfer periods between the banks. Any amount owed by the client based on proforma invoices issued for services rendered but not paid for will be deducted from the refund amount.

Tariff changes

We reserve the right to change the rates charged for the services presented on the website at any time.
If the new tariffs apply to your current services, you will be notified at least 30 calendar days before they come into effect.
As regards changes to tariffs for new services, the minimum notification period is at least 7 calendar days.
Services paid for in advance will not be affected by changes in tariffs until they are renewed.
In the case of changes in tariffs which also involve changes in the configuration of the contracted services, these will be transposed to the new configurations with price values or configurations as close as possible to the existing configurations.

Payment Processing

Depending on the customer, the method of payment and the date of payment or receipt of payment, the payment can be processed automatically or manually. By automatic and manual processing we refer to the direct involvement of a Hostico commercial operator in the processing procedure.
Tax invoices for card payments will be issued only until the penultimate working day of the month. Payments made in the days following it within the same month will be converted to tax invoices issued in the following calendar month according to their appearance on the account statement.
Regardless of the method of payment processing or the date of issuance of the tax invoice, the paid services will be activated as soon as possible by Hostico after confirmation of payment by the payment processor.

Hostico offers the possibility to save card data on partner payment processor platforms.
This way, the customer can add one or more cards to the customer's account at any time and use them to pay their bills without having to go through the entire payment process by entering the card details and confirming the payment later.
Also in parallel with the manual use of the saved card for the invoices of the purchased services, it can be set for the recurring payment of one or more services, so that as soon as an invoice is issued for that service the amount necessary for its extension will be automatically withdrawn from the card.
By activating the recurring payment, the customer grants Hostico the right to collect or withdraw the necessary amount, respectively equivalent to the value of extending the period of validity of the service for which the recurring payment was activated.
Received and processed, recurring payments are subject to the General Refund Policy.

The issuance of pro forma invoices is done automatically by Hostico at the time of billing for services, based on the contact and billing information associated with the service, information completed and provided by the client.
The data on the pro forma invoice (unpaid invoice) can be modified by the client only as long as it is still a pro forma invoice. Modification of this information is no longer possible after payment processing and the issuance of the fiscal invoice.
For the information on the pro forma invoice to match the fiscal invoice, the payer's information from the transaction, as provided by the bank or payment processor, must coincide with it. Otherwise, the fiscal invoice details will be modified by Hostico to match the payer's information.
It is the client's responsibility to ensure, at the time of payment, that the information from which the payment will be made matches that on the pro forma invoice.
In certain situations, if the payer's information differs from that on the pro forma invoice, Hostico reserves the right to contact the client for clarification and to provide additional information for accurate billing.
Modification of the information on the fiscal invoice is possible with few exceptions and only for the current month, before the accounting records are submitted, and before they are transmitted to the national E-Invoice system.

Credit / Deposit

The customer has the opportunity to deposit money in his account in the form of credit or funds, which will be used by the customer to pay future bills.
The invoice generated for the credit addition will be subject to the tax legislation under which the customer falls, this determining the application and the level of the VAT rate.
The credit added to the customer account will not contain the related VAT paid, but when using or applying the credit to pay an invoice, the existing VAT on it will not have to be paid.
The use or application of the amounts will be decided by the customer and performed manually, they will not be used or applied automatically.
The credit can only be applied to invoices if its value is equal to or greater than the invoice value, before VAT is added. Partial payments, namely the use of credit to pay an invoice with a higher value than the credit, are not possible.
In the case that one or more customer services have been renewed in advance or they have consumed more resources than allocated, Hostico reserves the right to use these amounts for the related invoices generated.
The financial statement of the credit / fund is permanently available in the account of the customer.
When using the credit for the payment of certain services, according to the legislation in force, the related proforma invoices will become Service Provisions.
The only time a tax invoice is issued for the credit is when an invoice is generated to add it.
The minimum amount that can be deposited is 12.00$ while the maximum is 12.00$ . Also the total amount of the deposit available at any one time cannot surpass 12.00$ .


In the case of offers with free products / services, they will only be available on the Hostico equipment and network. In the case of the transfer of services to other suppliers / registers, the amounts equivalent to the activation of these services will be retained from the customer. Hostico reserves the right to terminate the validity of a promotional offer at any time.

Regarding the services offered free of charge, this gratuity usually applies only for the first year of use, in the second year the full extent of the price must be paid if the client wants the service renewed. Hostico may exempt from this rule any services deemed appropriate for an indefinite period of time.

The issuance of fiscal invoices, as well as the activation or reactivation of the services related to them, will be carried out during the working hours of the commercial department, except for holidays and legal days off.

In the event of violation of the terms and conditions presented, Hostico reserves the right to block the refund to the customer purchases from other suppliers and this includes the domain registration, renewal, software licenses, SSL certificates, etc.

Promotional coupons

Promotional coupons are structured into several categories depending on validity, the possible number of uses, and the launch date. On this page, the promotional coupons available with the hosting packages / services and the times to which they apply will be displayed at regular intervals.

  • Weekly Coupons

Every week Monday through Sunday a hosting package will be randomly selected to benefit from a promotional coupon. The amount of the discount and the minimum purchase period will vary weekly, thus giving you the opportunity to choose the right package at a low price.

  • Flash Coupons

These coupons will only be valid for 24 hours, but the short period of validity will be offset by the higher percentage of the discount compared to the remaining coupons.

  • Monthly Coupons

Due to the fact that not all of us have the necessary time to identify the low-life coupons, we decided that every month we provide our customers with offers on all the hosting packages. The primary factor for this discount will be the billing period and not the chosen package.

  • Holiday Coupons

Certain holidays deserve to be cheered! On this occasion, Hostico will offer discount coupons to the full range of hosting / web services.

  • Limited Coupons

Unlike the rest of the coupons presented above, they are not limited in terms of time, but rather by the number of uses. Every coupon in this category once exhausted will no longer be reused, and most likely will never enter the Hostico offer.

General conditions of use for promotional codes:
  • promotional coupons are available to all individuals and businesses
  • reduction will only apply to new hosting orders
  • site activity must be in the Hostico Terms and Conditions of Use
  • coupons can not be applied retroactively
  • coupons can not be linked to other coupons or other discounts offered by Hostico or third parties
  • coupons only apply to the first purchased period
  • coupons only apply to Hostico hosting packages and private servers
  • services / products offered free of charge in the purchased hosting package are not affected by the discount
  • coupons do not apply to upgrade orders

V. Domains

As far as the relationship is concerned from the point of view of the registration / renewal of domain names, our responsibility is limited to providing the domain name acquisition / renewal service.
Hostico cannot and will not verify the legality aspect of domain name registration, the only verification performed by Hostico being the availability of the domain for registration. Verification of the domain name chosen for registration regarding the violation of certain laws as well as the violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties is the responsibility of the client.

Unless otherwise specified by providing separate data via the order form or written communication to Hostico, the registration of domains will take place on the existing identification data in the customer account. The client therefore becomes both the rightful owner of the registered domains and responsible before the law for them.

The actual allocation of the domain is not under our influence or control, and the customer can be assured that the registration / renewal occurred only upon confirmation of this operation by us.
Hostico assumes no liability and does not offer any warranty as to the registration / renewal of the domains of the violation.

The domain extensions are managed by a multitude of different organizations. Each of these organizations has their own terms of registration, administration, and dispute. In order for a registration / renewal to take place successfully, the client will have to provide the information and documents requested by the Hostico team members as well as closely follow their instructions.
Once the domain is registered for a predefined period, it belongs to the customer in the form of the chosen character string. Changing domain names after confirmation of registration or transfer is not possible.

The detailed requirements for each extension provided by Hostico can be viewed by visiting Domain Terms.

We recommend that the renewal of the domains be paid before the due date on the invoice, respectively the expiration date in order to avoid situations where the domain can not be renewed.
If the domain is paid after the due date / expiration date, Hostico will not be liable for the additional fees requested by the Registrar for reactivating / renewing the domain.

Hostico does not assume responsibility for the availability of domain names between the time elapsed between making the order and making the payment itself for domain registration. The Domain Registration service operates globally on a "first come, first served" basis.

In case the contracted domain is not properly renewed and as a result becomes available on the market and is registered by other individuals due to actions or inactions performed by Hostico or any technical malfunction that may occur, Hostico cannot be held responsible for the losses suffered by the user.

If the user incurs losses as a result of the domain being inaccessible for a period of time or being registered by other individuals, the compensation granted by Hostico cannot exceed the initially paid amount for the domain, as stated on the fiscal invoice. The notice must be brought to the attention of Hostico in writing within 30 days from the date the situation was noticed.

The registration of a domain name does not confer immunity in the case of objections regarding the registration, reservation, or use of that domain name. In the event of a dispute over a .ro domain name, Hostico will put the parties in direct connection to resolve the situation amicably.
If the two parties do not reach a consensus, the dispute can be resolved by appealing to a court.
Throughout the course of the amicable settlement, respectively, the client will uphold the Hostico innocence and accept that Hostico will take whatever measures it deems necessary to protect its interests, including but not limited to blocking, deleting or transferring the domain.

Due to way the Hostico DNS service works for shared packages through a DNS cluster, Hostico DNS servers can not have 2 domains with the same name. This may be a problem if the Hostico DNS servers have a record of an expired domain and a third party places an order to host that domain name. In the given situation, in order to honor the placed order, Hostico will contact the owner of the expired domain in order to delete the DNS record.If the customer does not respond to this request, Hostico reserves the right to delete the domain DNS registration on its servers.This action does not affect the stored information (website, mail, databases) in any way.

VI. Liability

Hostico can not be held liable for damages caused by the temporary unavailability of the equipment or the network, regardless of the reason for this interruption.
This provision also includes damages resulting from corruption or loss of data.
The customer agrees to warrant and not held us liable regarding any claims, damages, including, without limitation, damages to third parties resulting from the use of harmful services to our client.

Hostico reserves the right to perform short maintenance operations (5-10 minutes) at any time of day in order to implement measures aimed at improving the characteristics (performance, security, reliability, etc.) of the services offered. These operations may be carried out without prior notification to the affected clients.

Hostico assumes liability if the interruption of service provision was caused intentionally or is the result of negligence on the part of the Hostico team. The customer declares that he understands and accepts that the total amount of damages claimed by him for any reason from Hostico and which could be paid by Hostico, shall in no way and under no circumstances exceed the total amount of the fees paid by the customer to the supplier on the last invoice relating to the provision of the services for which damages are claimed.

The client assumes liability for any damages caused directly or indirectly to Hostico through improper use of the provided services or in violation of these terms and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, legal fees, lawyers fees, notary fees and any other expenses.

Hostico offers tutorials, examples of configuration and answers on various aspects of the operation of services, applications, operating systems, control panels and so on through the website.All the information in these articles has been tested and found to be valid at the time of publishing, on current operating modes, versions of applications available at that time, and on the basis of existing documentation.Hostico cannot guarantee the desired functionality of the steps presented in the articles at a later date, other configurations and other versions of the applications and therefore Hostico is not responsible for any damages that may arise from the application of the information given in any items regardless of their type.

The application for managing the respective client account of the services offers the functionality and the possibility to move the services held in the account of another Hostico client. Making this move requires access to the holding customer account, because only from here can this transfer be initiated as well as to the mailbox related to the customer account to confirm the transfer. Due to the security measures imposed, Hostico does not assume responsibility for the transfers made. The owner of the service is the customer who holds the service in the account at the time of requesting any information or actions on that service.

Hostico is not and cannot be held responsible for resolving bugs or incidents within interventions on applications used if the manufacturers/suppliers of those applications do not have an available solution to remedy these bugs or cease to provide technical support.
Hostico does not assume responsibility for the licensing of software products used by the Client, other than those provided by Hostico

VII. Data integrity

In the case of the Shared hosting accounts and the Servers managed by us, we are responsible for server security but not for client-installed applications.
Hostico assumes no responsibility for the security breaches existing in the customer applications, and for the possible damage caused by their exploitation.
Liability in this regard lies with the administrator respectively the developer of the application.
Hostico assumes no liability for the protection of personal electronic devices used for assessing contracted services . It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that both the applications installed / used on their hosting accounts and their own devices are up-to-date and secure.

The client will have access to the accounts through a combination of user and password. It is responsible for the safe keeping of these data as well as other sensitive information.
The customer will be liable for any abuse made through authorized or unauthorized use of such data. If the customer learns that an unauthorized third party knows this data, he must reset them immediately.

The description of the conditions under which backup the is made and maintained is available at backup Hostico.
However, it is important to note that we do not offer any guarantee for the integrity of the safety copies and the only one responsable for the existence of backups is the data holder.

VIII. Support


Support for the services offered is available by the methods and within the timeframe shown on the contact page regardless of the type of service contracted.

Depending on the information and / or operations requested, Hostico operators may resort to identifying the customer as the holder of the services that are the subject of its requirements.
The methods of identification vary depending on the contact method used by the customer as follows:

  • by telephone - request for the information in the customer account as well as the support PIN
  • chat - login to the customer account
  • mail or ticket - using the mailbox of the customer account to send requests

Refusal to comply with Hostico's requests makes it difficult to identify ownership and will result in the refusal to comply with requests made by Hostico operators.

Response time

Hostico attempts to provide a response time of less than 60 minutes for requests submitted via email or ticket. However, this time may be influenced on the complexity of the actual request as well as the number of requests existing at that time.
The exchange of information by telephone or via the live chat application, although it takes place in real time, does not guarantee an immediate resolution of the situation presented.

Telephone assistance

Telephone support cannot be used as a method of investigating or troubleshooting situations in real time.
Any request requiring more than 5 minutes to investigate will be directed to alternative support channels.

Hostico reserves the right to discontinue support in exceptional cases, such as:

  • abuse of support requests
  • indecent language and behaviour of any kind towards Hostico team members

The classification of requests as abusive of language, behaviour as indecent, insulting is the prerogative of Hostico.
Any request that is outside the scope of Hostico's Managed VPS and Shared Hosting support will be handled through the Managed Hosting support hours respectively.

These requests include but are not limited to:

  • device and mail client configurations
  • assistance with installed applications
  • any other request outside the scope of standard Hostico support

Customers who provide Hostico services to third parties are responsible for managing the services provided to that third party and providing the necessary technical support.
Hostico will not provide technical support to such third parties in these situations unless the nature of the relationship between the Hostico customer and the third party can be identified and determined.

VPS Hosting

Hostico's responsibility for VPS services is limited to the operation and provision of internet connectivity of the VPS. Services installed on the VPS are not covered by Hostico unless the Managed VPS service is purchased.
Except for offers or promotions where support is specified as free of charge within VPS services support is not included free of charge.
Customers who wish to perform operations outside of standard support services can purchase support hours.
Hostico reserves the right to refuse the installation of new applications, services, libraries even within the purchased support / administration hours.

Managed VPS

Managed VPS service is only available for VPSs purchased together with a control panel available in Hostico offer.
Under the managed service the customer will not have access to authentication credentials with server level super user rights.

Administration refers to and is limited to the services and applications required to operate a standard hosting server provided by the installed control panel.
These include: web server, mail server, database server, control panel, ftp server, programming languages required to run client applications.
Any request concerning the installation or configuration of services or applications external to them and to the control panel will be submitted and dealt with during support hours.
Any request regarding the installation and configuration of external services or applications, as well as the control panel, will be subject to and treated within the purchased support hours.

Hostico's server administration includes the following operations:

  • installation and configuration of the control panel with its related services
  • firewall installation and configuration
  • periodic update of the installed services
  • 24/7 monitoring and intervention
  • service level optimizations
  • server level automation
Unmanaged / IaaS

IaaS owners will receive free support only for the operation of the purchased services and their interconnection at infrastructure level.
Configurations of VPS, networks, external storage and so on do not fall under this.

Switching to Managed VPS is only possible with the purchase of a new VPS with that option.
Owners of these services can only benefit from additional technical support by purchasing support hours.
Customers with managed VPSs will be notified if the VPS is identified as infected or compromised due to network activity or other indicators monitored by Hostico.
Depending on the severity of the situation and the activity of the VPS, various measures will be taken after contacting the customer such as: disconnection of connectivity to the public network, shutdown of the VPS, etc.
Customers are responsible for identifying and removing the source of the compromise as well as the utilities used by the attackers from the VPS to restore it to operation, and/or may opt to contract a new VPS to restore valid data held by them.
If the customer does not intervene, does not take responsibility and the problematic activity of the VPS does not cease, Hostico reserves the right to suspend its operation indefinitely.

Shared Hosting

Customers of shared packages benefit from 24/7 support regarding the functioning and functionality of services installed on the server. Requests made outside of this scope may be categorized and offered either within other Hostico services or within the purchased support hours. No changes will be implemented at the shared server level that would affect the operation of the respective service server for other customers on that server.
Shared hosting/shared hosting owners may choose to purchase support hours for operations not included in standard support.

Managed Hosting / xCMS

Customers who want assistance in performing various operations within their installed applications can contract the xCMS service.
The terms defined for the Managed Hosting / xCMS service apply.

Reseller Hosting

Like Shared Hosting service holders, customers with Reseller packages are supported 24/7 on the operation of the services offered.

Data migration

The transfer of customer data is an operation carried out by the Hostico team as long as the destination server is part of the Hostico network, and the operation does not fall under the incidence of other clauses in these terms and conditions.

This operation does not involve any cost in the following cases:

  • based on the initial order of a service or hosting package within the Shared Hosting, Reseller and Managed VPS services
  • between servers in the Hostico network as a result of an Upgrade / Downgrade operation with the exception specified in the description of these operations

The operation will be charged during support hours in the following cases:

  • transfer to VPS managed by the client
  • data transfers requested 30 days after the activation of the Hostico service for accounts / sites / applications different from the main one of the service to which the transfer is made
  • if, due to an action / inaction of the customer contrary to Hostico's instructions, the data transfer must be resumed
  • Any operation that cannot be performed through automated means and requires manual or personalized intervention.

Due to the multiple possible combinations of settings, both for the application and the programming language, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee, and we do not assume responsibility for the optimal functioning of the website/application after a package modification, migration, or cloning of applications. Each user may have their own configurations that can influence performance and compatibility with specific devices and environments. The client must ensure that data has been migrated according to the request, and in the case of email accounts, the user is responsible for configuring/reconfiguring the email clients they use.
Hostico cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions or difficulties accessing certain functionalities that may arise from migration between different servers, both at the website/application level and for email accounts.

Support hours

Support hours represent the time allocated to customer requests during a month. They are divided into 2 categories, namely:

  • hours of assistance offered implicitly within the purchased services
  • additional support hours, purchased for performing tasks outside of standard support

The major difference between them is the validity period and the possibility of accumulation.
The support hours offered by default are only valid for monthly periods, they expire at the end of each month of paid hosting and cannot be cumulated with those of the following month.
Directly purchased support hours can be cumulated with other support hours and do not expire.
The purchase of support hours does not guarantee that the requests sent to the Hostico team will be handled.
The counting of support hours for requests submitted to the technical team will be based on the time allocated by the Hostico technical operator to solve the problem.
Support hours will be counted for all technical requests made within the VPS Managed services, regardless of the method of contact, and will be counted for both direct requests made by the holder and by any third parties who have been granted the right to the technical request.

By operations not included in the standard support we mean any action that can be performed directly by the customer (with or without the guidance of the Hostico support team), but for various reasons are required to be performed by technical operators.

IX. Rules for resellers / VPS owners

The customer is entitled to its own contractual relations based on the online presence provided by Hostico. In this case, in our point of view the customer remains our main contractual partner. The customer is bound to forward the terms and conditions set forth in this document to third parties and to ensure that they understand, accept and comply with these terms.

In the case of changes that must be made to the reseller / VPS holder customers, they are required to cooperate. Upon request he / she must provide us with the contact details of his / her clients.Hostico reserves the right to directly request written confirmation of any changes that need to be made to reseller customers / VPS owners.

The reseller / VPS holder is responsible for any breach of the terms and conditions of their own clients. This also includes financial liability for any damages caused as a result of these violations.
The reseller / VPS holder agrees to absolve Hostico of all claims that may arise from third parties and other contractual partners.

X. Content Policy

The services provided by Hostico offer you the freedom to upload, develop and exploit applications for both private and commercial use.
The use of various applications through Hostico services is subject to the Terms and Conditions of those applications.

It is the customers responsibility to identify his / her own information and that of other individuals, legal entities and any other entities on the Internet
The compliance with copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property is the responsibility of the client and therefore the client agrees not to publish content that may infringe any third party rights or laws in force.

Hostico equipment and network can only be used for legal purposes.
The transmission, storage or distribution of any information, data or material that violates legal provisions in force or which, directly or indirectly, may facilitate the violation of any legal provision, is prohibited.

Under no circumstances, or any circumstances, the services provided by Hostico will be used to communicate, refer to, or direct to any one of the following :

  • copyrighted material or content that infringes copyright, trade mark rights and any other intellectual property rights of a third party
  • nudity, pornography, any image or text containing sexual or obscene content, without complying with applicable legal requirements
  • child pornography
  • threats, abuse, harassment, slanderous statements
  • any image or text intended to encourage xenophobia
  • violent text or materials
  • defamatory, insulting, or libelous content
  • racial or discriminatory content
  • misleading, fake, confusing or fraudulent content
  • content that invades the privacy of a third party or violates its legal rights
  • vulgar, obscene, indecent or illegal content
  • viruses, trojan horses or the like
  • pirated software or addressing software piracy or similar activities

The customer is oblige oneself to respond to Hostico requests for complaints made by third parties regarding the content of the site within 5 days from the email notification. Hostico is not required to verify or review the content posted by customers.
Hostico reserves the right to remove or amend at any discretion any content of the customer that is determined to be in breach of these terms and conditions with prior notice.
Hostico reserves the right to suspend the account of any client who violates these provisions without prior notice

If the customer collects / processes personal data, it is his responsibility to ensure that this collection / processing complies with applicable law.

XI. Usage Policy

This policy is required to protect the quality of the hosting service.
We want to meet the demands of all our clients by offering quality services, objective that can be achieved even with the customer support.
The way the customer uses the services provided by Hostico is closely related to the proper functioning of the equipment and the network, and it is necessary to provide a suitable environment for hosting facilities.

We do not allow the use of programs running continuously in the background.
We do not allow running scripts through timers set at intervals of less than 5 minutes.
We do not allow the use of CGI scripts.

The following activities are prohibited:
  • using Hostico services to create or transmit viruses, worms, flooding, mail bombing, or engaging in denial of service attacks
  • use of proxy scripts or IRC, or FormMail type, PhpShell or the like, including commercial scripts that contain known security holes, chat room, chat waps; Egg Drpos IRC bots, torrent trackers, top sites, online games (except flash games)
  • collecting personal information for their use for illicit purposes
  • unauthorized access to data, systems or networks (phishing, spoofing, proxy, hacking, sniffing, etc.), including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the system or network and to create security breaches without authorization from the owner network or system
  • any interference upon the service provided to a user, over a server or networks such as: mail bombing, flooding, deliberate overloading of the system
  • falsifying of TCP-IP packages
  • to upload viruses, corrupted files or any other software or application that could harm a third party
  • to restrict or prevent any other user from using Hostico services
  • to collect third party information or email addresses without their consent

Any attempt to damage servers or customers is strictly forbidden. Any activity that affects the proper functioning of the server will be considered abuse and will be considered as an attempt to harm other co-located clients.
Any script that involves a potential security risk or may affect server performance or network security will automatically be closed or removed without prior notice.

Hostico reserves the right to act as soon as possible to remove, block or reset access to any account, application, activity or information that by its nature may affect the operation of the Hostico network or damage the rights of a third party.


For the proper functioning of the electronic message exchange, the following provisions must be considered by the client.
According to the legal provisions it is forbidden to carry out commercial communications by electronic mail, unless the addressee expressly consented to receive such communications.

Mail lists / Newsletter

E-mail lists may be operated under the conditions in which individuals expressly consent to this, consent to be recorded by the list operator and maintained throughout the life of the mailing list.
Hostico requests that any commercial mail or part of a mailing list contain simple and visible double opt in / double opt out options.
The bulk sending of emails leads to consuming the resources of a server, this action having a negative impact on the quality of the services received by the client and therefore we have some recommendations in this respect:

  • Sending to be done in the early morning (until 09:00) or evening after 22:00
  • Sending to be limited to a few dozen emails / minute

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in:

  • agglomeration of the email server due to the high number of requests, in some cases blocking the mail server
  • the IP blacklisting from which multiple spam lists are sent, with repercussions on all application-hosting clients on the server in question
  • very low ranking on email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc
  • high delay in sending emails
  • delivery to other email servers may become impossible
  • the affecting of all clients connected to the network due to inadequate server functioning.

Hostico does not limit the number of mails that can be sent per hour but monitors SMTP traffic and reserves the right to intervene including by deleting sent messages and contacting the customer if we consider that a particular case does not fall as volume in the package purchased services or damage to server operation.
If the customer has a mailing list, it is advisable to contact Hostico in order to establish a good sending referral practice, or to fit in with an optimal service package.

The limit of an attachment is 25MB. The maximum number of recipients of a message is 25.

We do not recommend / allow referrals to a larger number of CC / BCC subscribers because if one address in the recipient is wrong / inactive, the message will remain blocked on the server.
In order to prevent any adverse effects on the operation of services, Hostico reserves the right to limit at any time certain parameters of the email service offered to customers.

Anti Spam Policy

Sending unsolicited commercial messages (SPAMs) to promote any site using our servers or third-party servers to promote any site or any application hosted on the Hostico network will result in the suspension or cancellation of the client hosting account without any notice in advance.

Hostico does not allow the use of its services directly or indirectly for the sending, transmission, handling or delivery of email messages:

  • unsolicited messages (spam) in violation of any existing law in this regard
  • to mail addresses obtained by harvesting methods
  • to addresses that are incomplete or inaccurate
  • that are not subject to industry best practices
  • to purchased list, leased or borrowed
  • to lists that will generate a high number of SPAM complaints
  • to addresses that will lead to IP listing in blacklists
  • that contain or use forged header
  • that contain or use non-existent domain names
  • that hide or try to complicate finding the point of origin of the transmission
  • that use other misleading ways of addressing
  • that use the domain name of a third party without their consent
  • sent through the third-party server without their consent
  • that containing false or misleading information

The customer bind oneself to respond to Hostico requests for complaints made by third parties regarding his / her activity within 5 days of the sending of the notification.
Hostico reserves the right to request at any time evidence of the consent given by the subscriber to the sender of the mailing list operator.
Hostico reserves the right to request the list operator the subscription / unsubscription methods shown to the subscribers.
Hostico reserves the right to suspend the activity of the account if these provisions are not complied with.

Sending / receiving mail

Hostico cannot guarantee the delivery of email messages sent from the respective Hostico network devices to the recipients Inbox.
Hostico also cannot guarantee the delivery of emails regardless of the location of the sender / recipient (internal / external to the Hostico network).

Sending or receiving an email can be affected by several internal or external factors, among which we list:

  • mailboxes with no space available that can no longer receive messages
  • Sending IPs included in various blacklists whose connection to the destination mail server is blocked
  • malfunctions regarding the sending / receiving mail servers
  • malfunctions at the level of internal / external network
  • mail servers with aggressive spam filters
  • email content considered spam by the recipient / sender server
  • attachments that exceed the size accepted by the sender / recipient mail server
  • temporary rejections of email messages as a result of greylisting policies
  • etc.
Dedicated IP

The status of dedicated IPs assigned to customers is checked in advance before the actual allocation.
Verification includes but is not limited to: the status of the IP in various blacklists, its reputation, and so on.
Therefore, the subsequent change of the IP will be made only for well-founded reasons. The request to change an IP may be refused or charged if, as a result of the actions taken by the customer, the establishment or reputation of the IP has been affected.
Changing the dedicated IP will involve a one-off fee of 12.00$

The services that benefit from a single dedicated IP will be assigned to all domains, subdomains and accounts that will run under that service.
If you want to separate the domains, subdomains or accounts on other dedicated IPs, you need to purchase them separately.
IPv6 allocation (where possible) is done in parallel with IPv4 allocation because they are not mutually exclusive. The service provided will run on IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time. The IPv6 address can be removed at the client's request.

XII. Resources

Each shared hosting account has its own resources depending on the type of purchased package. The detailed list of these resources can be seen by visiting resource usage
All accounts are monitored to track their resource consumption.
Hostico reserves the right to contact the customer for upgrading the package or to communicate suggestions to improve performance if one or all of the resources of the owned hosting account are often used at their maximum capacity.
If the customer takes no action to increase the available storage space, and it falls below the value of 1%, or 1GB, Hostico reserves the right to suspend the operation of the VPS in order to protect against the corruption of information stored on it.

On the shared hosting accounts can not be stored files with a size greater than 500 MB, except for the backup of the account.
Hostico services can not be used for streaming audio, video, file sharing, image sharing.
It is also forbidden to use our servers as storage media (eg movies, mp3, pictures, archives, software kits, etc.)

Hostico reserves the right to suspend without prior notice the applications or accounts whose activity hinders or affects in any way the proper functioning of the server.

The Reseller plan allows for the creation/adding of 10 free hosting accounts, including the reseller account. Customers who wish to create/add a higher number of accounts have the posibility to purchase higher limits than the standard one.
In case of VPS servers managed by Hostico, the licenses installed on the VPS server may limit the number of accounts and/or domains that can be created using that license. This limitation can be modified and/or eliminated at any time by downgrading/upgrading the licence related to the control panel.

The space offered to VPS packages represents the total value allocated to the server but not the value that the client will directly benefit from for his data (site files, databases, emails).
Of the total space allocated, part will be occupied / used by the operating system installed on the VPS as well as a possible control panel. The space available directly for customer data is smaller.
Part of this space must also always be available for the possibility of updating the operating system and other applications installed on it.
Hostico-managed VPS owners will be automatically notified when the space available on the VPS begins to approach a critical level in order to take the necessary action.

In order to describe the extended capacity of the features for the offered services, in some cases words like "Unlimited" and / or "Unmetered" may be used to describe them.
These words refer to the ability to use a large amount of resources and not the possibility of an unrestricted use of those resources, more precisely without the existence of a higher threshold.
These thresholds within the resources that can be created or added (mailboxes, subdomains, parked domains, completion domains, etc.) are set at number (quantity) 999.
Regarding the threshold for monthly traffic, it is given by the bandwidth allocated to the contracted service, at a constant speed of XMb/s (bandwidth/second) it is not possible to exceed an X*S/Monthly traffic (bandwidth/second * number of seconds for the month).

Use of resources
Shared VPS

In VPSs with shared resources, the use of resources at maximum level is constantly prohibited.
Hostico will monitor resource consumption and notify the customer in cases where consumption exceeds the following thresholds:

  • 100% CPU for periods of time longer than 30 minutes

The customer will have the option to either identify and resolve the situation or migrate to a Dedicated VPS. Hostico reserves the right to suspend the operation of the VPS if its processes affect the proper functioning of the other VPSs on the VPS node or in case of ignoring several notifications sent in this regard.

Dedicated VPS

The resources allocated to these types of VPS are 100% dedicated.
They can therefore be used at full capacity for longer periods.

XIII. Validity

This document is valid for an indefinite period of time.
Hostico reserves the right to make changes to this document, which is why customers are asked to consult it periodically.
Changes made to this document are available at: https://hostico.com/tos-updates/?hid=prv
In case of major changes, customers will be notified by email.
If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Last Update 16.07.2024